Supercharge your images

The simple image processing CDN that boosts your Laravel websites.

Keep control

Original images are stored on your servers.

Accelerate your images

The CDN caches your images across the world, close to users. Scale easily with the best performances.

Improve your images

Stop processing images manually. Resize, crop, zoom, flip and optimize them on the fly!

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Don't trust us,
trust AWS.

Supercharge stands on the shoulders of giants. AWS runs the image processor at scale on a highly-available and distributed infrastructure. Amazon CloudFront provides the best CDN to cache images around the world.

Save your servers,
save your wallet.

Stop wasting servers and bandwidth to serve images. The CDN will cache images and avoid requests to your servers. You get all that without setting up complex caching services yourself!

Uploading images
made simple at last.

Don't install gd or imagick. Don't set up a job queue to resize images in the background. Just upload the image, Supercharge does the rest. We can even secure them against mass-resizing attacks.

Get started in 3 easy steps


Register your website URL in your Supercharge account:**

Your images stay where they are. Supercharge will fetch them on-demand.


Install the Supercharge package for Laravel:

composer require supercharge/supercharge

Add to your .env file the SUPERCHARGE_URL variable shown in the Supercharge dashboard.


Update your Blade templates to create Supercharge image URLs:

# Before:
<img src="/img/cats.jpg">

# Enable Supercharge:
<img src="{{ supercharge('/img/cats.jpg') }}">
# Transform your images on the fly, for example to resize:
<img src="{{ supercharge('/img/cats.jpg')->width(150) }}">
# Or to crop:
<img src="{{ supercharge('/img/cats.jpg')->width(90)->fit('crop') }}">

The Blade helper will automatically generate Supercharge URLs for your images:

Learn about image transformations in the documentation.

Using VueJS or another JavaScript framework? No worries, Supercharge works there too!

Join the private beta

Supercharge is in private beta at the moment. Register here for early access: